I'm giving YouTube one more month. If things don't get better then I'm going to be posting exclusively on this website. They took away over 500 of my subscribers in November and have reduced the number of notifications to the subs I have left. A lot of the people who used to watch my videos have abandoned YouTube altogether and moved on to other platforms. YouTube is too woke. I honestly hope they go broke. 


I tried signing up for Rumble. The monetization process is excruciating. I posted 4 videos there just to see if it was worth it. It isn't. The video analysis process took over a week to approve and I'm still awaiting monetization. 

BitChute still isn't an option. I do this for a living and there's still no way to monetize videos there.

The Eugene and Melvin Movie is still a go. It may take a couple of more months before it's ready, but it is still a go. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Dec 02, 2020

I'm still putting the mailing list together. Until it's finished, I'll be announcing new CheesyToons videos on the YouTube community board. The new one should be up later today. 07/21/20

SAY NO.jpg

I'm thinking about joining Parler. I've always been opposed to Twitter because it's a cultural cesspool and because I may wish to type "learn to code" once in awhile without the fear of being banned. If I do join Parler, it will only be to announce new videos on the website. This is for the benefit of those who don't wish to be on the mailing list and still want to be alerted to new videos.


Many have asked how the Eugene and Melvin movie is coming along. At this point in the process, I can't give a release date or even a trailer. My only answer is that it is still moving forward.  July 19, 2020

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